What IS a Stocking Tease?

Well, we've been wondering and have done a bit of research and I have to say that I am not yet certain exactly what a so-called "stocking tease" is. If you do some searches you will find plenty of websites that offer adult videos that apparently include one or more "stocking tease" scenes. From the brief descriptions I have read about these movies a stocking tease goes something like this...

A Stocking Tease Movie Overview

What follows is my understanding of what an adult stocking tease movie would entail based on my very preliminary research.

An attractive female adult actress appears dressed in sexy, seductive clothing including some sexy stockings. In some cases I sure she would also be wearing some sexy, sheer lingerie and maybe some high-heel shoes. I am sure the ladies performing the "stocking tease" would wear all types of stockings from fishnets to full-on pantyhose to sheer, black "stay-ups", a garter belt stockings and so on. It seems that black would be the most popular color but white stockings, red stockings and even blue stockings are popular colors as well.

Our beautiful woman would proceed to tease and taunt her audience by behaving in a seductive manner . This will most certainly include her walking in a sexy fashion, bending over, putting her feet up to show off her feet and legs and so on. Eventually, she would up the ante on the tease factor by running her hands over her stocking clad body which inevitably lead to her touching herself in a more intimate manner.

As the stocking tease continues, our anticipation would build slowly but steadily as the girl on screen intensifies her efforts to pleasure herself. I would expect that she would be touching herself through the nylon, lycra or silk stocking material, at first anyway. In some scenes, I am sure she would reach under the stretchy material so she can get at herself without obstruction. I would hope that after all her hard work that she would reward herself and her viewers by masturbating herself to an intense and satisfying orgasm.

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